Trucks & Equipment

  • Garcha Lumber Carrier Ltd. has over 20 trucks and over 40 trailers
  • All of our vehicles are maintained and serviced weekly
  • Equipment used in our fleet are new units and top of the line equipment
  • All units are equipped with tarps, dunnage, straps, chains and coil bunks. This will ensure that your product makes it to its destination on time with no damage

Freight Details

  • All trucks have 2 flat deck trailers
  • The lead trailer is 32’ long and the back trailer is 28’ long
  • The lead trailer can take loads up to 65,000 lbs and up to 40’ long
  • The back trailer can load up to 30,000 lbs
  • A full Super B trailer can haul 90,000 to 95,000 lbs
  • Whether you have 500 lbs or 500,000 lbs we can get your shipment where it needs to be

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